Frequently Asked Questions

Is Runchkins a subscription service?
You choose during the sign-up process whether you want a box monthly or seasonally. You can always switch between those options and cancel at any time without penalty.

Customers only purchase the items they love. Runchkins also emails every customer at 48 hours before their next box is shipped so every customer can change their order, pause, or do nothing but anticipate the cuteness in the mail.
How many days do I have to decide?
You have 5 business days to decide which items you want to purchase and which items you don’t. So if you receive your box on a Friday, your return bag must be postmarked by the close-of-business on the next Friday. Otherwise, we will assumed you loved every piece in the box and wish to keep them all. Returned items must be in New Condition with all tags still attached. New Condition means that the items can be sent as New to customers, and that have not been stained, torn, washed, worn, or have odors.
How will you ship my box?
We will ship your box via USPS. We will also include a pre-paid, pre-labeled bag within your box to return any items you don’t love. Simply drop the bag off at any USPS drop location.
Do you ship outside the U.S.?
Unfortunately no, we only ship within the U.S. at the moment. Please check back to see when this changes, mate!
How are items priced at Runchkins?
Items are priced based on wholesale price plus a reasonable margin to cover sales, general and administrative costs needed to operate Runchkins.
Why do you take my credit card at check out if I only purchase the items I love later on?
During the ordering process, we take your credit card information so that we can finalize your purchase after you decide which items you'll keep. Like any online retailer, we do this to reduce fraud which in turn keeps our prices as reasonable as possible.
How will my credit card be charged by Runchkins?
When submitting an order, a $1 authorization is charged. A $75 security deposit per child is held at the time of shipping. After you have received your box from Runchkins, determined which items you wish to keep, you will then send back any pieces you don’t wish to purchase. If those items are postmarked by the 5th business day after you received our box, you will not be charged for any of those items, if returned in New Condition with original tags attached.

Once we receive your returned items and verifies that they’re in New Condition, we will determine the final price of your box (total retail cost of the items you kept - any outfit discounts - any volume discounts + any sales tax if applicable). At that point, Runchkins will charge your credit card for the final price of your box (and release the security deposit for new customers).
Why does Runchkins charge a $75 security deposit?
To keep our prices as reasonable as possible, we have implemented certain risk management techniques to reduce fraud. Runchkins holds a $75 security deposit per child at the time of shipping. This security deposit is an authorization (not a charge) similar to when renting a car or hotel. The security deposit will be released when Runchkins receives any items a customer wishes to return, processes those returns, and finalizes any charges for kept items.
What is your Return or Refund policy?
You have 5 business days to mail back any item you do not wish to purchase. Returned items must be in New Condition with all tags still attached. New Condition means that the items can be sent as New to customers, and that have not been stained, torn, washed, worn, or have odors. Since we will only charge you for the items you keep after those 5 business days, all sales are considered final.
What happens if I want to return items past the 5 business days?
If returns are not sent back within 5 business days of the box delivery, we will assume you loved all the pieces in your Runchkins box and will charge the card on file the full box amount less the 15% discount. Returns postmarked after the 5 business day window will incur a $25 late fee. No returns will be accepted if postmarked after 10 business days. Runchkins does offer our Guaranteed Buy Back for when your little one outgrows their items, with pricing based on the condition the items are sent back in.
How do I use the store credit in my Piggy Bank?
Your Piggy Bank will be used on your next purchase from Runchkins. Store credit in your Piggy Bank is treated as store credit and reduces the total amount due (after sales tax if applicable), whether that credit is earned by Referring a Friend or from sending back pieces.
Can I receive cash instead of filling up my Piggy Bank with store credit from pieces I send in for resale/donation?
No, we only provide store credit for resold/donated items and from Referring a Friend.
Do I have to return pieces I purchased from Runchkins?
Of course not! We love when a family decides to keep the adorable pieces they love from Runchkins, whether to pass it along to a younger sibling, or as a treasured memory. We do hope that customers will send back any other pieces, which we believe will help save the planet by giving those pieces another life. Plus, a customer can fill up their Piggy Bank while they're at it!
Can I only send in pieces I purchase from Runchkins for store credit?
Yes, at this moment, we can only accept pieces that you have purchased from Runckins. We put our hearts and souls into creating the Runchkins collection and are proud to offer our Guaranteed Buy Back for each of those pieces.
Can I send in gently-used pieces I purchased from Runchkins or can I only send in new pieces I purchased from Runchkins?
Yes, you can send in any piece you have purchased from Runchkins, whether you purchased it from us gently-used or new. The price we pay is determined by the condition the piece is sent to us, so take care of those adorable pieces!
Can I have an item re-evaluated if I disagree with the condition determined by Runchkins?
No, to ensure consistent standards and the high-quality of gently-used items in the collection, all evaluations by our Resale experts are considered final. The amount of store credit given for a piece depends on its condition sent back to us.
Can I request an item be mailed back to me if it does not meet the resale standards, instead of donated?
Unfortunately, at this moment, we will not mail back pieces sent in for resale/donation. We are exploring this option and speaking to customers to get their feedback on paying for the return shipping cost. We will update our customers in the future if this option becomes available.
How do I choose to receive a tax donation receipt instead of store credit for items classified as “donated”?
During the account sign-up process, you can select your preference for a tax donation receipt as part of the Guaranteed Buy Back. You can also adjust your settings in Your Account.


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