Guaranteed Buy Back

Closet filling up? Sell back any piece bought from us for store credit when your little one outgrows it. Our experts determine how much based on condition.

The Details

Simply send back your items in the pre-paid return shipping bag you receive with your next box (or request a bag by itself).

  • We will add store credit to your Piggy Bank for each Runchkins piece you send us, based on its condition (generally between 10%-20% if it meets our resale standards).
  • Our resale experts will use a 5-point checklist to determine if a piece meets our High Standards. Only pieces that meet our High Standard are added back into the collection for resale.
  • Your Piggy Bank will be used towards future purchases.
  • Items that cannot be resold will be donated to the Good Plus Foundation, a family-focused charity. You choose whether to receive a small store credit from donated items or to receive a tax donation receipt.
  • Either way, you can add to your Piggy Bank for every piece sent back and we'll do all the work.

Every piece given new life is one less piece of clothing made and one less piece ending up in a landfill. Let’s save the planet together, and fill up your piggy bank while we’re at it.

Original Price
Gently Used
Items Donated
Meets Resale Standards? Yes No
$50 $8 50¢
$24 $4 50¢
$32 $5 50¢
Credit Given   $17 $1.5


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A few of the brands we carry

Andy and Evan
Deux Par Deux
Egg Baby by Susan Lazar
Rockin' Baby
Jojo Maman Bebe
Shoo Shoos
Hatley kids clothes
Sapling Organic
Old Soles
Kapital K

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