Hi, I’m Cat.

Cat on a swing

Welcome to Runchkins! My name is Cat, and I’m so excited to share my experiences with this community. I’m a digital content specialist and writer who’s lived everywhere. But today, I reside on a produce farm in a small town outside Upstate New York.

Moving from Los Angeles to the country was a huge shock. I might’ve cried a few times when my suede pumps got stained with mud.

Cat on the farm

I experienced a long and emotional transition, but today I find myself fulfilled, with much gratitude for this journey here.

Cat and the 'Corn King'(Anna Wu Photography)

Here is the home of the triple crowned Corn King, also known as Dan. (Every summer there’s a corn festival, and the farmer with the sweetest corn gets crowned, the “Corn King.”)

He’s my best friend, partner, and the father of our two amazing children.

Cat's kids

“A1” is our three year old daughter, aka “Anna Bear.” “A2” is our one and a half year old son, aka “Man Cub.” They’re 18 months apart and the best things that ever happened to me.

You can learn a little more about my background here and here (this one was written before A2).

Why we love Runchkins

That being said, I don’t wear suede on the farm anymore, and I limit my exposure to heels for celebrations and work. But raising kids on these green acres is an undeniably awesome experience. I’m thankful to Runchkins for having the opportunity to do it with style.

Raising kids in style

I’ll be the first to admit I like things a little more cosmopolitan. Some say I have a little online shopping addiction. So Runchkins is perfect for my family, given that there are not places in our area to purchase trendy kids clothing. Most importantly, as working parents, we are grateful for the time-saving aspect of Runchkins.

Why we love Runchkins

And that is exactly what I will be discussing in our blog.