Around 3 am last night, I was awoken by someone screaming for joy.

“What is going on?!” I said to the Corn King.

“Listen!” he urged as he pointed to the window.

I was so confused, still half asleep. But then I heard the thunder, and large rain drops hitting our roof.

I understood.

“Hallelujah, honey.” I said, as I went back to sleep.

This is what summer is like, being married to the Corn King. If you didn’t know, we’re in a drought here on the East Coast—the crops are very thirsty, and it takes a lot of water to maintain 500+ acres. Our team is trying to find enough water to sustain the demand. We usually irrigate from the local ponds and creeks, but they’re drying up. It’s really stressful for farmers, on top of the usual 14-hour days.

So how do we get relief?

Well, how does anyone ease the stress of uncontrollable matters? Afterall, we can’t dictate mother nature.

We remember that our life is a privilege. So much is uncertain, as negative news blasts us each day. We take what we’re given, and enjoy the warmth without letting the hardships of work get in the way.

Most importantly, we hug our children tight, and realize, only this matters.

Summer months are busy for everyone, and stressful for some. But you only get one of these seasons each year. My kids do best when they are outside, running free. And they’re able to savor the summer in this season’s breathable, light pieces. A1 is going through the phase where she wants to wear the same outfit everyday. 🙂 We’re happy to report, the grey and white nano dress holds up really well, sustaining ice cream stains, and in our case, dirt.

This is the time of year my family lives for. Here’s what we are doing to channel our inner sun god/goddess:

  1. Swim

What better way to cool off, than jumping in the pool? This year, A1 started taking swim lessons and I’m so proud of her.


We’re also having fun lounging poolside.


  1.     Take a road trip

The kids and I like taking long weekends to visit my parents. There’s no better time to take a mini road trip than when the sun’s shining.


When we get there, it’s like a mini vacation for them—exploring all the local kid attractions that we don’t have at home.


  1.     Support your local farms

There’s something magical when you can see where your food comes from. This is an important lesson I want to show my kids, as I never had the opportunity to learn about the process of how food got to my table.

Visit a local farm, participate in a you-pick, join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture share program), or even plant your own garden. Teaching children the roots that feed us gives them a foundation for life, and a healthy relationship with food.

This month, A2 is helping harvest our personal garden…

….while watching his hero, the Corn King work on the “bigger garden.”


This light and fun Andy & Evan shirt is a cool summer piece that can be dressed up or down. The glasses are the perfect touch for A2 to “inspect” his Dada’s pepper plants.

  1.     Make a camp fire


What’s a summer night without a bonfire? We love sitting outside watching the sun set along the fields. It’s so relaxing for me to get lost watching the fire, while hearing my kiddos giggle over roasted marshmallows. This Deux par Deux shirt is getting it’s last squeeze of summer. I love the coloring on the collar and shoulder details, giving an edge to a white polo.

  1.     Slide!

Don’t underestimate the power of a playground. Our community has so many fun structures for kids. There’s nothing quite like the smile on my children’s faces when they are coming down that slide.

Here’s A1 sliding down in her tutu and Nano dress!


  1.     Walk

Whether you’re in the city, a neighborhood, or out in the country, walks are the best way to connect with your kids. Take advantage of the sunshine, and enjoy your surroundings, while getting some exercise. My babes love our walks, especially when they get to run along the farm roads.

Here’s the Nano dress again. I love that it’s suitable for playtime while still looking stylish.


Enjoy the last month of summer, you sun babes. And when it rains, don’t fret. Because somewhere on the East Coast, there’s a farmer celebrating with a rain dance.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, mamas. Remember, only this matters.



What are your six steps to savoring summer? We’d love to hear from you, and see how we’ve styled your kids this season. Share with us at info@runchkins.com